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The World's Best Performing Exterior Screens

  • Leave Your Shades DOWN During Storms
  • Cover Spans Up To 30ft Wide

  • Near ZERO Service Calls
Self Correcting

Patented Magnet Design

Miami-Dade Certified

75+ mph Wind Rating

Zipper-Free Technology

98% of Service Calls, Gone.

How it Works

MagnaTrack screens use a self-correcting Keder interlock instead of a traditional zipper. The Keder interlock consists of heavy duty channels guided by neodymium magnets.

These rare-earth magnets are slightly separated, allowing the inner track to float inward to compensate for wind and deployment offset.

Get to know the MagnaTrack™ System

MagnaTrack™ shades are custom-crafted in Sarasota, Florida USA. These shades can be installed in both commercial and residential settings, with custom sizes up to 30×24 feet.

See it in Action

Check out this amazing homeowner footage from Hurricane Ida in August 2021

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