An Introduction to Light Diffusion

Light diffusion refers to a fabric’s ability to spread the light as it enters the room. Hunter Douglas offers innovative products and fabrics – like sheers and shadings – that are specifically designed to maximize light diffusion.

A light-diffusing product creates a beautiful visual effect, converting direct or harsh light into a soft glow that fills the room. It can also reduce the need for artificial lighting, allowing you to reduce your electricity usage.

An Introduction to Variable Light Control

With variable light control, you can modify the amount and quality of light entering a room, even when the window treatment is in its fully closed or down position.

Traditional shutters and blinds provide variable light control via their adjustable louvers or slats.

Hunter Douglas also offers innovative Sheers and Shadings that combine the variable light-control benefit of shutters and blinds together with the light diffusing benefits of sheers.

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