Shutters for Arched and Specialty Shaped Windows

Arched windows are a beautiful, unique addition to any home. Harkening back to Old World cathedrals and Roman aqueducts, they provide a sense of timeless glamour to any home, be it modern or historical. There is a slight problem, however: most window treatments are made to fit the majority of windows, which are rectangular or square in shape. This can be frustrating, as windows without window treatments can be a surprisingly large concern. Light affects all aspects of your home life, and when you are unable to control the light that gets into your home, you can disrupt your sleep schedule, computer-based work, and a myriad of other activities. So if you find yourself with a non-treated arched or specialty shaped window, let the window treatment experts at A Shade Above in Charlotte and Cornelius, North Carolina tell you about your options.


Because of the unusual shape of your windows, blinds, shades, and draperies may be off the table. Because these types of window treatments are designed for uniform, rectangular windows, they would be difficult to conform to arched or porthole windows. That doesn’t mean you are out of options, however. Shutters, like certain types of blinds, are made of horizontal or vertical slats of wood that are controlled by a rod affixed to the front of the shutter themselves. Because of this, each individual slat can be tailored so that they taper appropriately to fit the arch or circular shape of your windows.

Custom Design

While shutters are going to be your best bet for fitting unusually shaped windows, it still may be difficult to find a premade set to fit the unique needs of your windows. Because of this, A Shade Above’s recommendation is to get a set of custom-made Artisan shutters. The craftspeople from Artisan Shutter will work with you through the entire process of getting the perfect plantation shutters to fit your window, and since they’ll be custom-made, you can be sure that they will fit perfectly. Don’t let your arched or specialty shaped window feel like a burden to your home. Celebrate what makes them unique with a set of custom-designed Artisan plantation shutters from A Shade Above. Come see us in one of our showrooms in either Charlotte or Cornelius, North Carolina and order yours today!