Plantation Shutter Options

Our shutters are fully customizable, and are offered in a variety of configurations. The options below cover many of our most popular selections, and will guide you to choosing the perfect shutters for your home.

Choosing a Louver Size

When choosing a louver size for your plantation shutters, the two main factors to consider are visibility and style. A key feature of shutters is their ability to offer ample light by day, and privacy by night.

2.5" Plantation Shutter Louvers

2 1/2″ Louvers (Traditional)

2.5″ Louvers are the smallest louvers that most shutter manufacturers offer today. Because of their short height, more louvers are required per panel to fill the opening. While small, any added amount of louvers ultimately reduces visibility, and begins to obstruct from the otherwise clear view offered by plantation shutters. 2.5″ louvers gained popularity in the mid to late 90’s for their classical southern appeal. With the reduced space in between slats, the 2.5″ louvers are also more difficult to clean.

3.5" Plantation Shutter Louvers

3 1/2″ Louvers (Timeless)

The most common louver size chosen is the 3.5″ louver. Its popularity through the years remains untarnished, because of the sheer volume of plantation shutters that exist in this configuration, and their unique ability to blend easily with any decorating style. Offering more than double the visibility of the smaller louver, the 3.5″ louver is the perfect combination for visibility and privacy, and continues to be the timeless choice for many discerning homeowners.

4.5" Plantation Shutter Louvers

4 1/2″ Louvers (Modern)

The 4.5″ louver is the perfect choice for any homeowner with a taste for modern, clean lines. The largest option offered provides maximum visibility, with fewer obstructions and wider views. This louver size is often paired with our Hidden Tilt option, to further reduce obstructions and to keep the clean, horizontal lines of the louvers consistent from window to window. Practically, this option requires less maintenance, as there are fewer slats that need cleaning.

Control & Tilt OPTIONS

Additional options such as divider rails, hidden tilt, and split tilt are offered to enhance a custom shutter panel, and compliment the character of your home.

Shutter with Hidden Tilt Feat

Hidden Tilt

The hidden tilt mechanism acts as an invisible control rod that is located on the rear of the panel. The hidden tilt feature removes the common obstruction of the center control rod. The louvers can be adjusted by simply raising or lowering a single louver.

Shutters with Split Tilt

Split Tilt

Split tilt follows its namesake, in that the control rod is simply cut – or “split” at the desired location. This allows for independent control of the bottom and top portions of the shutter, maximizing privacy and light.


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