Plantation Shutter Options

Customizing plantation shutters allows homeowners to choose the slat size for their preferred aesthetic – wider for modern looks or smaller for a classic feel. Hinge colors can be matched to interior decor or used for stylish contrast. Additional features like divider rails and control mechanisms provide practical options for controlling light and privacy.

Louver Sizes

A Traditional 2.5" Louvered Plantation Shutter covers a window in a bathroom.

2.5″ Louver

Traditional 2.5” louvers are the smallest size louver that we offer. Due to their smaller size, 2.5″ louvers may limit your view more than the larger louver sizes.

A Timeless 3.5" Louver Shutter covers a window in a mud room.

3.5″ Louver

Timeless 3.5” louvers are the most popular because of their ability to blend seamlessly with any decorating style.

A Modern 4.5" Louver shutter with hidden tilt feature covers a window in a bathroom.

4.5″ Louver

Modern 4.5″ louvers are the largest size. When paired with our hidden tilt feature, 4.5″ louvers provide exceptional views and light control.

Control Options

Front Control Rod Shutters

Front Control Rod

A front control rod is a visible vertical rod located in the front center of a shutter panel. It connects and controls the movement of the louvers, allowing for easy adjustment of light, privacy, and ventilation. It adds a traditional and decorative element to the shutters.

Hidden Tilt Control

Hidden Tilt

Hidden tilt is where the mechanism to adjust the louvers is concealed, or “hidden” behid the frame. It eliminates the need for a visible front tilt rod, resulting in a cleaner and more modern appearance.

Divider Rails

Divider Rail Shutters

Divider Rail

A divider rail is a horizontal bar that separates the panel into upper and lower sections. It provides support, particularly in tall panels over 80”. It can also aesthetically be used to hide a large sash in the middle of a window.

Split Tilt Rod Shutters

Split Tilt Rod

Split tilt is achieved by splitting the control rod in half, allowing louvers to move freely in separate sections. Split tilt offers visibility and light at the top, while offering privacy below. Split Tilt can be placed at your desired height, typically at the Sash of the window.

Front Control Rod Shutters

No Divider Rail

Shutters without a divider rail provide a classic look, featuring a single control rod positioned in the center of the panel for a clean and timeless appearance.

Panel Configurations

Single Panel

In most cases, a single panel shutter is sufficient for the majority of windows. Our shutters can extend up to 40 inches in width before the need to split them into two panels.

A center open plantation shutter with a divider rail at the center

Center Open – Single

Center Open provides a classic shutter appearance when used on a single window. However, for wood panels that are over 40″ wide, the configuration necessitates the use of two panels.

Center Open – Double

Center Open is frequently used for double windows. In this setup, the panels are hinged both on the left and right sides, with the right panel incorporating a small light block to conceal the gap between them.

Multi Panel

Wide windows featuring more than three panes often require the use of multiple shutters separated by a t-post. The t-post serves as a crucial support for hinging the center panels

Our Stock Colors

Over 30 years of dedicated research into home trends and trim casing colors has culminated in the creation of our 500’s series. This collection represents our most meticulously curated selection of whites, off-whites, grays, and blacks.

Shutter Paint Color Chip #500
Shutter Paint Color Chip #501
Shutter Paint Color Chip #502
Shutter Paint Color Chip #503
Shutter Paint Color Chip #504
Shutter Paint Color Chip #505
Shutter Paint Color Chip #506
Shutter Paint Color Chip #507
Shutter Paint Color Chip #508
Shutter Paint Color Chip #509

Custom Colors

We can custom color match your shutter paint to your trim by laser matching a sample and creating a precise custom color.

Hinge Colors

White Shutters Hinge
Off White Shutters Hinge
Off White
Ivory Shutters Hinge
Chrome Shutters Hinge
Antique Brass Shutters Hinge
Antique Brass
Brushed Nickel Shutters Hinge
Brushed Nickel
Oil Rubbed Bronze Shutters Hinge
Oil Rubbed Bronze
Black Shutters Hinge