Sheer screen shades in an office setting near Charlotte and Cornelius, North Carolina (NC)

Solar Screen fabrics come in a range of weave patterns and percentages that determine their functionality. The percentages—typically 1%, 3%, 5%, or 10%—refer to the tightness of the weave. A lower percentage means a tighter weave, which offers less visibility and light.

Ideal Screen Fabric Percentages for Medical Facilities

In healthcare settings, privacy is often paramount. For procedure rooms where maximum privacy is essential, opt for 0% blackout fabrics. In contrast, waiting areas are generally more suitable for 3% or 5% screen fabrics.

Importance of Sun Orientation in Choosing Screen Fabric

The building’s orientation to the sun also significantly influences the choice of screen fabric. If your facility faces strong afternoon sun from the west, consider using 1% fabric to reduce heat and glare.

General Recommendations for Commercial Spaces

Restaurants, healthcare facilities, and stores often choose 3% screen fabric. It provides a good balance of see-through and light control.

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