Hand holding Hunter Douglas PowerView® Motorization remote for motorized window treatments

Over the past decade, smart home systems and home automation have rapidly increased in popularity. As technology advances, many homeowners have chosen to forgo manually operating their windows by investing in motorized window treatments.

Automation is commonplace in today’s world, but there are still homeowners who are unaware of the benefits of motorized windows. At A Shade Above, we carry a vast selection of window treatments that come with PowerView® Motorization and several advantages that make them well worth your investment.

Convenient Operating Systems

Opening your windows can be difficult if they are hard to reach or you’re experiencing mobility issues. With PowerView® Motorization from Hunter Douglas, you can open or close your windows with the press of a button. This technology allows you to customize your window treatments according to your need for privacy, light, and comfort. You can create personalized themes according to your lifestyle and maneuver your treatments with a remote or smartphone.

The PowerView® Pebble® Remote gives you ultimate control in the palm of your hand. This ergonomic remote control allows you to easily orchestrate the light in your home according to the sun’s movement throughout the day.

If you own a smartphone, you can use the PowerView® App for Apple® and Android™ to control your residential windows. This intuitive app is designed to simplify your life and provide you with convenient window treatment operation. Easily balance your light, temperature, and privacy needs with just a few taps on your screen. Whether you’re in the living room or across the world, the PowerView® App will always provide you with control over your windows.

Increased Home Value

Renovating your kitchen and replacing your bathroom flooring are not the only ways to increase your home’s value. If you are trying to make your home more attractive to potential buyers while increasing its overall value, home automation is a great investment.

Many potential buyers will instantly recognize the added value of motorized window treatments. Home buyers are already considering the potential upgrades they will make after purchasing their home, and home automation is typically near the top of the list. By adding motorized window treatments to your home, you will eliminate a future cost for the next owner and make your residence more alluring to prospective buyers.

Residential Security

Motorized window treatments are great for homeowners who spend extended periods of time away from home. If you are preparing for a vacation or work trip, it is important to take precautionary measures to keep your residence secure while you are away. Using motorized window shades is an easy way to help deter a home break-in.

Burglars look for signs when searching for houses to rob. When looking for a house that is vacant, they may pay close attention to houses with blinds that are closed for days or weeks at a time. Take advantage of home automation to make your residence always look occupied. With motorized window treatments, you can easily set pre-scheduled opening and closing times. This technology can help discourage unwanted guests from entering your home and protect your furnishings from the sun.

Invest in Home Automation With A Shade Above

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