Our Installation Process

Our expert installation team will make the installation process effortless for you. Our installers are all full-time employees, not subcontractors, which guarantees top-notch quality during installation. 

Our installers come from diverse backgrounds, including trim carpenters and woodworkers, and some even started their careers with us as craftsmen in our plantation shutter factory.

They consistently receive acclaim and numerous 5-star reviews for their exceptional craftsmanship and outstanding customer service.

Award Winning
Window Treatment Specialists

Before Installation

Our world-class installation process begins long before we reach your front door. As soon as your new window treatments are completed by our manufacturers, they begin their journey to our warehouse for staging and safe storage until it's time for installation day.


Your shades and blinds are delivered to our warehouse through local delivery, ground delivery, or LTL (Less Than Truck Load) trucks. Fabric shades are received from the manufacturer individually packaged in long, rectangular boxes.


Packages are meticulously sealed in dust-free plastic packaging and surrounded by 3-4 foam-padded inserts to guarantee their safety and cleanliness. We use recycled cardboard boxes to ensure our commitment to eco-friendliness.


In our warehouse, we arrange your order based on your last name. We group orders together using the sidemark and package count of the delivered packages. This organizational approach assists our scheduling team in quickly locating and verifying that we have all the necessary products for scheduling your order.


At our climate-controlled staging warehouse, your new window treatments are carefully stored until you're ready for installation. Most shutters and shades are stored vertically on rolling carts to optimize storage efficiency, and we ensure that your order remains separate from others to prevent any mixing.


Every afternoon, we make preparations for the next day's orders by moving their respective carts toward the outgoing bay doors. To ensure the safety of oversized shades and blinds, including exterior patio shades, we store them horizontally to prevent any potential damage caused by the weight of their components.


Prior to the arrival of your product at our warehouse, we closely monitor the tracking information provided by the carrier. This proactive approach enables us to schedule more efficiently and ensures a quicker delivery of your product to your home.

What to Expect During Installation

Installation Unloading

Delivery & Unloading

Our installer will arrive in an A Shade Above branded van. To ensure maximum efficiency, we arrange the day's jobs in the order they are scheduled on our truck, facilitating a seamless unloading and delivery process. We take meticulous care in organizing and storing our tools, ensuring that your blinds and shutters are not accidentally nicked by any stray screw or tool.

An A Shade Above installer lays a protective packing blanket to protect flooring and furniture during install.

Work Area Preparation

Our A Shade Above installers come prepared with protective packing blankets, which we carefully lay around any work surface where assembly of components may be required. This practice minimizes any mess created during screwing or drilling, demonstrating our commitment to maintaining a clean workspace. We take great pride in our work environment and treat your home with the same level of care and respect that we would extend to our own.



We take great care to install each window treatment in the window it was specifically crafted for. Since no two windows are identical, we prioritize collaboration and conduct quarterly training sessions with our sales and install teams to ensure consistent mounting and optimal placement of every window treatment. This commitment to precision guarantees that each installation is tailored to the unique characteristics of your windows.

Cleaning & Inspection

We make sure to remove any loose packaging and take it back to our van for disposal. Additionally, we thoroughly clean up any mess we may have created during the installation process. Our goal is to leave your space neat and tidy, ensuring your complete satisfaction with our service.


Customer Demonstration

Our installer will provide a demonstration on how to use each of your new window treatments. For motorized shades, we'll take the time to program your remote and introduce you to the PowerView™ App, ensuring you are comfortable with their operation. When it comes to shutters, we'll guide you through the proper cleaning and care procedures, as well as share best practices for seasonal maintenance. Our aim is to ensure that you are fully informed and confident in managing your window treatments.



Once you feel comfortable with your new window treatments, our installer will leave your home. Before departing, they will provide you with instructions regarding your warranty, care and cleaning procedures, and information regarding the final payment. It's important to note that our installers do not collect payment; instead, our main office handles the payment process once the installer marks your order as complete in our system.