Outside mounted Plantation Shutters

Very commonly when choosing southern style Plantation Shutters, you may need to determine which is best, outside or inside mount shutters. Outside mount plantation shutters is the most common mounting configuration, but why? We’ll show you typical outside mount scenarios in Charlotte and North Myrtle Beach for our locally made plantation shutters.

Outside Mount vs Inside Mount

Choosing between inside and outside mounted shutters involves considering factors such as space, aesthetics, and window characteristics. In windows with proper depth, Inside mount generally allows the shutters to be recessed and flush with windows, preventing shutters from protruding in the room. Outside mounts conceal imperfections and, when properly caulked, make shutters appear as if they were always a part of your home. Outside mount is faster and more efficient to install and is generally preferred for its clean appearance and suitability for various window types and trim.

Inside Mount vs Outside Mount Plantation Shutters Diagram

Outside Mount means your shutter will sit on top of the sheetrock or casing of your windows. This method is particularly popular in the southeast where trim is the most common window finishing. Outside mount is favored for its simplicity, efficiency and popularity,

Inside Mount means your shutter will sit mostly or entirely recessed within the framing of your window. beware, however – in most cases inside mount shutters mean your windows can not tilt in for cleaning.

Shutter Mounting Guide for Different Trim Types

When it comes to your window casing, we have a few very popular trims that we see quite often. We’ve developed a mounting guide that we use company wide, offering best practice for outside mounting a plantation shutter on the common trims shown below.

444 Colonial Casing

This is the most popular casing we see. Outside mount shutters fit perfectly in the small flat spot. Our “L Frame” was designed specifically for this popular style of trim.

356 Colonial Casing

This is another popular casing, but it requires going ¼” past the flat spot because of the large hump. When caulking closer to the hump, any risk of light gap is eliminated.

327 Clam Casing

There’s only one place on this trim to mount a shutter, it’s the very first small step. Never try to mount shutters on a curve, there isn’t enough surface area to attach to.

RB3 Casing

RB3 Casing is the most unique, as there are many step downs and bumps. We prefer mounting in the first step down to maximize visibility of your trim, however we can mount directly on the large flat spot.

Craftsman Style S4S Trim

Craftsman Style S4S (or 1×1) trim is popular with farmhouse decor, and this is the most simple of installation – simply flat on the trim!

Craftsman Style S4S Trim with Header

Craftsman Style with a Header is actually an inside mount scenario, though it is mounted on the trim. Using an inside mount when wedged under the header allows for out of square bias inherent in most new construction homes.

Each trim has its own unique divots, bump-outs and step downs. To ensure consistent and high-quality mounting of plantation shutters, our Senior Installer, Alan Thomas, with over 25 years of experience, has developed this outside mounting guide. Paired with our signature 60-year caulk, your outside-mounted shutters are guaranteed to impress, seamlessly blending with your home’s aesthetic.

How Outside Mounted Shutters are Installed

When it comes to installing outside mounted shutters, we follow a simple yet comprehensive 4 step process, which combines our own techniques and industry standard practices

    1. Shoot nails into the four corners of the outside mount shutter.
    2. Adjust the shutter to ensure the panel can open and close smoothly, and ensure the louvers are level.
    3. Secure the shutter further by adding 2-4 screws on each side.
    4. Apply color matching 60-year caulk along all four sides of the shutter and around the nail holes.

Here’s a video of our Lead Installer, Zac Summerour, installing outside mounted shutters.