One of the best ways to plan for success in life is to maintain a household budget. By allocating your monthly income to expenses and savings, you are aware of every dollar and can plan the best use for it. But sometimes a line item can completely break your budget. A common example is the energy bill! Maybe you’ve tried to plan the amount that is the perfect average between your high summer and winter costs and your low spring and fall costs, but you also want to do everything in your power to keep costs down. If you’ve already repaired any air leaks and drafts and checked your insulation, it’s time to consider upgrading your window treatments. With Hunter Douglas window treatments from A Shade Above, you can find a stylish window covering for your home while taking advantage of energy efficiency.

Hunter Douglas Duette® Honeycomb Shade near Charlotte, North Carolina (NC) and other energy saving techniques

If you have tried preventing energy draining from your windows before, you’ve probably tried home insulation and layering window treatments. While self-installed window insulation film can be effective, you severely limit the function of your windows. If there is a warm day in the winter, you can’t take advantage of it by opening the window. Furthermore, some insulation films are attached to the window frame with double-sided adhesives that can cause damage when they’re removed in the spring. Layering window treatments can be effective as well, but if you prefer a clean, simple look, then you might not be satisfied with their appearance.

With the Duette® Honeycomb Shades, you can enjoy the benefits of insulation in one simple shade. Layering window treatments are effective because the more fabric or barriers against the window, the harder it is for the air to move further into your home. The same concept applies to this product, but with an added benefit. While there are two pieces of fabric making up these shades, they are built with honeycomb construction, creating cells or pockets that trap air. No matter what you prefer for home design, you can be confident that you’ll find a style to suit your needs. With the Alustra® Collection, you can choose from a large suite of fabrics and textures. These exclusive design-inspired pieces are available in a multitude of colors and patterns. As an added benefit, Duette® Honeycomb Shades can also serve as a room-darkening window treatment thanks to the LightLock™ system. This operating system has a side channel design and can absorb or deflect most of the incoming light.

If you want to maximize the energy efficiency of this product, you can install these shades with PowerView® Motorization. Processes are never optimized when you introduce human error. You might forget to close the shades when you’re leaving for work or going to bed. With PowerView, you can easily control your window treatments from a mobile device or remote control. You can even use the app to save your preferred settings for your shades and then schedule them to operate automatically.

With locations in Charlotte, North Carolina, A Shade Above is your choice for window coverings and exterior window treatments. In addition to great products, we offer outstanding customer service with staff who can help you with selection, measurement, and installation. If you’re ready to upgrade your window treatments or just want to explore your options, contact us today to schedule an appointment.