Many of today’s window coverings are more than pretty—the shades, shutters, and blinds currently on the market offer homeowners a variety of sunning and shading options that make a room look nice while giving your heating and cooling bills an extremely green makeover.

The holiday season has come and gone, but that does not mean winter is over yet! One of the most common problems in today’s household during the winter is heat lost. Through windows, doors, and even cracks in your floor. The remarkable heat control of Artisan Shutter plantation shutters is excellent during the winter months.

Closing your plantation shutters during the cold winter months can block frigid winter drafts coming in from your windows. This simple alteration of the current state of a shutter can make your home and the rooms within much warmer. Because so much of a home’s heat is lost through poorly insulated windows and doors, plantation shutters provide another barrier that helps keep heat where it belongs – inside your home!

Plantation Shutters