Soft Roman Shades

3-4 weeks

Elevate your home decor with the timeless charm of our soft Roman shades. These versatile window treatments seamlessly combine style and functionality, creating a cozy and inviting ambiance in any room.

Key Features

  • Stunning designer textiles
  • Hundreds of colors & fabrics
  • Coordinating accessories
  • Made in the USA
A transitional farmhouse living room with exposed wood beams and arch cornices atop floral drapery.

Soft Roman Shade Styles

Dive into our collection of drapery panels, each offering a distinct style to elevate your home decor. From modern back tab drapes to formal pinch pleat drapes, we have the perfect choice for your windows.

Classic Roman Shade

This version of the traditional flat Roman shade features discreet support rods hidden within each pleat, ensuring a crisper fold and a sleeker appearance compared to other flat shades. Classic Roman shades are ideally suited for fabrics adorned with patterns.

Hobbled Roman Shade

With a fuller, more substantial body, the hobbled style maintains its gentle folds even when fully lowered. Concealed support rods are discretely housed within the pockets at the rear of each fold. Hobbled Roman shades are most harmonious with solid or textured fabrics, but are not recommended for pattern-heavy fabrics.

Knife Pleat Roman Shade

The back of the knife pleat roman shade is equipped with doweled pockets that securely house support rods while creating stylish decorative seams on the front surface. Knife Pleat shades are most compatible with solid or textured fabrics but are not suitable for fabrics featuring patterns that would be disrupted by the pleats.

Ribbed Pleat Roman Shade

The Ribbed Pleat roman shade innovatively reverses the Knife Pleat design, positioning the pockets to the front of the shade to enhance the emphasis on each pleat. Ribbed Pleat shades are ideally suited for solid or textured fabrics, but are not advisable for fabrics featuring patterns that may be disrupted by the pleats.

Relaxed Roman Shade

The gracefully flowing Relaxed Roman Shade lays perfectly flat when lowered, yet it retains a subtle, decorative “smile” at the bottom, where the fabric gently gathers. Relaxed Roman shades complement a wide range of fabrics, and the charming “smile” adds to their appeal.

Pleated London Roman Shade

The Pleated London Shade boasts elegant inverted pleats, situated approximately 6-8 inches in from each side. These pleats lend a distinctive charm to the shade’s design. Pleated London shades are most suited for solid or textured fabrics. However, it’s important to note that they may not be the best choice for fabrics with patterns that could be disrupted by the pleats.

Exquisite Designer Textiles

Elegant, opulent, and stunningly beautiful. Our extensive array of premium fabrics, materials, and designs for Roman shades, perfectly aligned with both current trends and future interior design forecasts. Begin with a complimentary consultation to explore our cherished collection.

Soft Roman Shade Trends

Dive into our collection of drapery panels, each offering a distinct style to elevate your home decor. From modern back tab drapes to formal pinch pleat drapes, we have the perfect choice for your windows.

Linen Roman Shades

Linen Roman shades are an elegant and timeless window treatment solution that have regained popularity in recent years for its blend of natural textures and soft textiles. Made from high-quality linen fabric, these shades offer warmth and sophistication. Their sleek, foldable design provides excellent light control, allowing you to create the perfect ambiance while maintaining privacy. Linen Roman shades are not only aesthetically pleasing but also environmentally friendly, as linen is a sustainable and durable material.

Three linen roman shades hang over a bedroom window


Combine soft roman shades with an array of top treatments and coordinating fabrics for a polished final look. We offer a range of coordinating accessories, including drapes, curtains, valances, cornices, and accent pillows, designed to help you achieve the perfect cohesive look for any space.

Relaxed Roman Shades

Custom relaxed roman shades feature a smooth front that gracefully curves and gathers at the bottom, adding a touch of sophistication to any window. Available in various fabrics, they seamlessly match our drapery collections, allowing for coordinated or layered window treatments. Perfect for any decor, these shades blend designer quality with practicality, offering both style and functionality in a beautifully ‘unconstructed’ design.

Why Choose Roman Shades?

Hand-stitched Roman shades are often chosen over machined, laser-cut window treatments for their timeless elegance and warmth, which adds a classic sophistication to any room. They offer unparalleled customization through a vast selection of fabrics, textures, and trims, allowing for a perfect match with interior décor. The softness and texture of the fabric contribute to a cozy and inviting atmosphere, which is hard to replicate with harder materials.

Decorative Trims & Tapes

Trims and drapes are meticulously crafted to add a the finishing touches of elegance and sophistication to any space.

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