You’ve carefully and considerately invested time and money to enhance your home with beautiful window treatments that add personalized style and comfort to your home. With all of that time spent finding the right options for your home, it’s important to make sure that your new window treatments last. Whether your windows are adorned in drapery, curtains, shutters, blinds, or shades, the appropriate care of them is essential, and being proactive in your approach is best to ensure that every single part of your window treatment lasts for a lifetime.

A woman cleaning metal blinds with a feather duster

Routine Cleaning

Window Treatments should receive a routine light cleaning as often as you clean the rest of your house. This will eliminate dust, dirt, and dander build-up. Plus, removing this buildup from your blinds regularly makes it much easier to perform a deep clean when it does finally come time for that to happen.

While cleaning your window treatments about once a week works well for most people, your cleaning schedule depends on the exact circumstances of your home. Dander can build up quickly if you have pets, especially long-haired furry friends. If one of your household members has allergies, routine cleaning is necessary to keep the air clean and their allergies under control. But, if your home generally stays cleaner, you may be able to get away with longer periods between cleaning.

You can quickly dust shades, blinds, draperies, and shutters with a feather duster, microfiber cloth, or brush vacuum attachment at the same time you dust your furnishings. A monthly wipe-down with mild soap and a soft cloth prevents dirt and grim build-up. Using a wood spray for wooden window treatments will give them a nice sheen and preserve the natural grains. It’s important to avoid using water on any wood treatment, so stick with a spray made especially for wood. When cleaning shutters, blinds, or shades with soap, water, or sprays, ensure they dry completely. Otherwise, they may grow mold or mildew.

Yearly In-Depth Cleaning

Yearly in-depth cleaning can be more complicated but is worth it in the long run. Curtains and draperies can be removed and, depending on the manufacturer’s fabric instructions, can either be hand washed, machine washed, or dry cleaned.

This will ensure the fabric’s color and natural flow. Because the fabric is so porous, it will easily carry unwanted smells and dust mites. Roman shades can also be cleaned by hand by removing them, laying them on a table, and lightly scrubbing them with a soft sponge and mild soap to help maintain the fabric’s vibrancy. If you would rather leave your annual in-depth cleaning to someone else, there are many professionals who offer cleaning services that will have your window treatments looking brand new.

Smooth Mechanics Until the End

Rather than wait until the mechanics of your window treatments malfunction, invite professionals in on a yearly basis to spot-check the technology. This will ensure you aren’t left in a pickle when your treatments don’t work during a holiday gathering or a dinner party.

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