remote control blinds

Custom window treatments add so much to the value and enjoyment of your home, and having them be motorized adds even more benefits.

The biggest benefit of remote control blinds is convenience. With PowerView motorization from Hunter Douglas, you don’t have to get up and manually adjust your window treatments. Instead, you can operate them with a remote control, mobile device, or even your voice by connecting them with a whole-home automation system.

Imagine lying in bed and having your bedroom shades automatically open at the same time to let in the morning sun. If your window treatments are motorized this is completely possible. You can set every shade in your room to adjust to the same height each morning, then have them close in the evening for privacy.

Having blinds that are motorized is even more important in windows that are hard to reach. Many homes have window treatments that have never moved since they were installed because they are too high up or they are blocked by a piece of furniture. This means the homeowners aren’t getting the most out of their window treatments. Motorized blinds or shades can easily be adjusted regardless of their location because you don’t have to reach them to open or close them.

Motorized window treatments may seem like a big investment, but they can end up saving you money. You can have the horizontal blinds in your kitchen open automatically and let the morning sun naturally light up your breakfast instead of turning on a light. Then after you leave for work, the same blinds can close by themselves to block out the heat of the day in the summer while you are gone. Motorized window treatments can also be set to automatically close in the evening for more protection against cool winter winds, allowing you to spend less on your heating bill.

Motorization allows you to adjust your window treatments even when you aren’t home. So if you forget to close your shades before you leave for work, you can use your mobile device to close them wherever you have access to wi-fi. You can even adjust them while you’re on vacation, making it look like someone is home, which makes your house less attractive to would-be thieves.

At our showrooms in Charlotte and Cornelius, North Carolina, A Shade Above carries the complete line of motorized Hunter Douglas window treatments. If you live in or own a business in the Charlotte area, we can help you with all of your window treatment needs.