Why Choose Roller Shades?

Hunter Douglas Roller Shades

Hunter Douglas Roller Shades

We all lead busy lives and have plenty to worry about. But one thing you shouldn’t be worried about is your window treatments. Roller shades are perfect for the homeowner on the go: easy-to-use, budget-friendly, and suitable for every style of décor, Hunter Douglas roller shades from A Shade Above are the effortlessly stylish solution for anyone looking to spruce up their home’s window treatments in the greater Charlotte, North Carolina area.


Roller shades are some of the most streamlined window treatments on the market: comprised of a single piece of fabric attached to a roller, roller shades simply roll up when you want to your window to let in light, and roll back down when you want light blockage and privacy. With roller shades, there is no messing with vanes of fabric or individual slats of wood like with other kinds of blinds or shades. If you truly want a window treatment with a minimum amount of fuss or maintenance, roller shades are for you.


Because roller shades are made of fabric, you can find a set to fit any home, design sensibility, or aesthetic. And, because roller shades are made of a single, contiguous piece of fabric—unobstructed by pleats, folds, or vanes—they can execute larger-scale patterns and designs that would be difficult to do on other types of fabric shades. If you have a very specific or difficult-to-match decorating scheme set up in your home, roller shades may be the solution you’ve been looking for to integrate your window treatments into your décor!


Variety isn’t the only up-side of roller shades being made of fabric. Most fabrics are cheaper than the materials other window treatments are made of, such as woods and various types of metal. If you are trying to decorate your home on a budget, roller shades are a fabulous, wallet-friendly choice to make your windows shine.

If these points have you thinking that roller shades are the perfect option for your home, come visit the window treatment experts at A Shade Above. We are Charlotte, North Carolina’s premier Hunter Douglas window treatment dealer, and will be able to help you find the perfect set of roller shades for your home. Visit us at our showrooms in Charlotte or Cornelius to get started on getting your roller shades, or any other window treatment, today! We also proudly serve the greater Charlotte area.