When selecting roller shades, color can often be the most daunting. In this comprehensive guide, we’ve paired our own photography with fabric swatches of popular colors to help you decide which roller shade color is best for you.

What Color Should My Roller Shades Be?

Most people choose white for roller shades because of its ability to complement existing architectural features such as window trim and wall colors. While white may seem limiting, there are hundreds of beautiful textures and weaves available to create a distinct addition to your windows.

Advantages of White Roller Shades

  • Versatility: White is a timeless color that blends well with any decor and design style
  • Ease of Maintenance: White is easy to clean and tends to show less dust than darker hues
  • Sleek Design: When paired with a white cassette headrail, white roller shades virtually disappear into the top of your window, leaving a full view of the outside

When to use Neutral Tones for Roller Shades

  • Sophistication: Beige, taupe, and off-white shades exude sophistication and adaptability
  • Complimenting Furniture: Many luxe fabrics, including our Alustra Collection, are offered in textiles that showcase existing furniture and design motifs
  • Nature-Inspired Looks: Natural weaves bring wood texture and earthy tones create a serene atmosphere

Are Black Roller Shades Popular?

We’ve seen a rise in black across all window covering categories as new construction homes lean toward black windows.

  • Black windows are associated with contemporary design despite their historical roots tracing back to medieval Europe. In the past, industrial factories and warehouses utilized iron-made windows, often opting for black hues.
  • Using black shades with black windows allows the mullions of the windows to disappear
  • Black allows you to nearly blackout all light and create the darkest environment possible

When to use Grey Roller Shades

Grey is like that best friend who always looks good with everything. Whether you’re into the deep, moody vibes of charcoal, the cozy charm of heather, or the airy feel of greige, grey roller shades are the perfect balance of contrast.

Grey shades aren’t just about looks. They’re practical too! You can choose between options for room darkening or light filtering, depending on your mood and needs. Plus, the range of textures available in grey shades adds a touch of personality to your space, making it uniquely yours.

Choosing Bold, Bright Colors for Shades

Some of the most unique window shades we’ve installed boast bright colors, patterns and textures. Carefully selecting color for window treatments can help your space stand out. Blue, Gold, Purple and Green are among the most popular bright colors for shades.

  • Accentuate Your Style: Got a favorite color? We’ve got a hue to match. The new Urban Loft Hues collection offers our most creative selection of roller shade colors
  • Evoke Nature: Bring the green of the leaves indoors or transport your mind to the ocean with deep, serene blues
  • Make a Statement: Showcase your bold style with colors that accent various interior design palettes

Roller Shades as seen from the Exterior of a Home

Folks often wonder “what do roller shades look like on the outside?” This photo shows what white roller shades look like in closed, opened, and partially opened positions with black windows.

The exterior of a modern home showing roller shades at various openness levels

Selecting the right color for your window blinds is a nuanced decision that requires careful consideration of various factors, from personal taste to practical functionality and aesthetic principles. By understanding the interplay between color, light, and space, you can confidently choose blinds that not only enhance the beauty of your home but also fulfill your practical needs with style and sophistication.