Perks of Roller Shades for Homes Near Charlotte, NC

There are perks of any window treatment that you peruse from Hunter Douglas. Some offer ample shade, some offer warm finishes, and still others provide unparalleled durability against moisture and heat. Of course, if you are looking to add roller shades from Hunter Douglas to your home, you will find a plethora of perks as well, including crisp, clean designs, design versatility, low maintenance, and quality construction. Read on to discover more about the many perks of roller shades for homes.

Hunter Douglas Designer Roller Shades, custom roller shades, window treatments near Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)

Clean Designs

Who doesn’t love a clean, crisp window treatment? Whether you are a lover of minimalist styles or you need to balance out your bold pieces with something simplistic, roller shades offer a beautiful look at any window. In fact, the clean lines and simple designs seen within our roller shades from Hunter Douglas can add to your home’s style without being overwhelming or upstaging the other pieces in your room. Whether you have a minimalist, traditional, or modern home, roller shades easily fall into any aesthetic.

Versatile Designs

Your window treatments should embrace your personal style, which is why you will love adding Hunter Douglas roller shades to your home. For example, if you want a clean look at your window, you will love how your roller shades completely disappear into the headrail when fully raised. This not only offers a crisp appearance, but it also shows off the architectural details of your window. You can also choose from over 400 fabrics from the Hunter Douglas Designer Roller Shades collection to create a shade that is unique to your home. Whether you choose a bold print to add a pop of color to a space or something subtle, roller shades can do it all. You can even pair them with drapes if you want a dramatic, full look.

Easy to Maintain

The world, as we know, can be difficult enough on its own. Why would you want to add window treatment maintenance to that list? That is why we love roller shades. Easy to maintain, roller shades collect far less dust and surface debris than your typica fabric or wood window treatments. Simply wipe your shades occasionally with a damp cloth, hang to dry, rehang your shades and move on with your day. It’s that simple. You will never need any special products or services, such as dry cleaning, when you select roller shades. These shades are also incredibly durable and can withstand the daily wear and tear of life better than most shades. This makes them perfect for high-traffic rooms in your home.

Quality Construction

It doesn’t matter if you have the trendiest, prettiest shades in the galaxy if said shades fall apart due to poor construction. Luckily, roller shades from Hunter Douglas offer premium construction. The shades are also specially engineered to offer smooth, quiet operation so you don’t have to tug or yank your shades to enjoy some privacy, shade, or sun. These shades also offer one of the smallest light gaps in the window treatment industry, making them excellent for bedrooms or media rooms.


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