Shadings & Sheers

Sheer blinds transform ordinary sunlight into extraordinary room ambience and beauty.


Control how sunlight filters into your rooms with Hunter Douglas Silhouette® sheer window shadings. These elegant blinds create a soft, ambient light with a three-layer vane system that diffuses harsh sunlight and disperses it evenly throughout the room. Depending on your fabric choices, they can also block up to 88% of harmful UV rays to help keep your flooring and furniture from fading.

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Our Hunter Douglas Pirouette® shadings feature soft fabric vanes attached to a sheer backing that appear to be floating, drawing natural light into your room. When closed, the blinds look just like a contemporary shade. Based on the fabrics you choose, Pirouette® Window Shadings can block up to 81% of dangerous UV rays when the vanes are open and 99% when they are closed.

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Our Hunter Douglas Nantucket™ shadings offer a streamlined selection of operating systems and soft sheers. Both stylish and sensibly priced, these blinds feature 3″ vanes that tilt for effective light control.

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For wide windows and sliding doors, our Hunter Douglas Luminette® Privacy Sheers come in an array of sheer and drapery-like fabrics for unlimited light-control and privacy options. The fabric vanes easily rotate, and closing them completely allows you to enjoy the privacy of traditional drapery.

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Hunter Douglas Alustra® Collection

The Exclusive Hunter Douglas Alustra Collection. Six inspired products. One remarkable collection of designer fabrics.

Alustra® Silhouette®

Our Alustra® Silhouette® shadings are beautifully crafted from an exclusive selection of textured front sheers, metallic accented vanes and hardware finishes offering stylish innovations to elevate your home.

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Alustra® Pirouette®

Combining function with beauty for a radiant collection of Alustra® Pirouette® shadings. Refined texture and subtle sheen creates a captivating ambiance as sunlight filters into the room.

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